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Construction Site Wood Cutting



CKJ Safety Training Inc was, established in 2019, CKJ Safety Training Inc provides effective, affordable safety services in the New York City area. From OSHA construction outreach training to site safety management, and inspections, we are committed to helping you protect your project, your workers, and your budget. CKJ Safety offers a full range of safety services, including:


OSHA 10- and 30-Hour outreach training for construction industry

ECB, HPD, DOB violations removal and correction.

Building information search and C. of O. application

Types of construction projects with our partner company in new buildings, major alternation, full demolition and foundation projects.

Architectural plan, projects design, special & progress inspection of construction projects.

PE-approved site safety plans, safety programs, and logistics

Periodic site inspections or tool box talk service by our construction superintendent to help you identify hazards, and measure job site safety protection


Local laws and regulations are changing faster than ever, and our dedicated safety professionals are ready to help with all your compliance and training needs. We pride ourselves on being an affordable and effective one-stop service provider. For more information, call 718-288-1985, email us: or send us the information request form in this site.

New York City


CKJ Safety Training's online OSHA training makes it easier for workers to get training fast and efficiently.  Our online OSHA training guarantees high-quality, interactive education for every student, with online lessons, the ability to review your course, course trainer access 24/7, and customer support.

These courses can be completed on your time, stopped and resumed as often as you want. Click the button below to learn more about OSHA training available for your needs

Crane lifting on construction site
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